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Sunflower shoots are a great snack just plain, and a kid favorite. These greens have a slighty nutty flavor thats great in smoothies.


Radish microgreens have a bit of spice to them. The picture above shows 2 varieties of radishs. They offer some great color.


Kale is a great green to put in smoothies or a mix of salad. It is a more delicate green so it fits in alot of dishes.


Pea microgreens taste just like a snap pea. these are a fun addition to any salad. These too are a kid favorite, and yummy to eat straight out of the container! 


Broccoli microgreens are one of my favorites. It is a more delicate green which makes it ideal for sandwiches and wraps, or as a topper to any delicate dish. It adds a great broccoli flavor to a meal that you normally don’t put broccoli florets in for size and texture reasons. 


Kohlrabi is a great green for salads and sandwhiches. It offers a fun color to the mix!


Any of these greens can be ordered as a mix in the standard packaging.

Stay tuned for more varieties of microgreens to come, in varying colors and flavors!
If you have a suggestion of something you would like to see let us know!

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