Why Microgreens?


These tiny little plants each offer there own distint flavor similar to the mature plant. For example: beet micros have a earthy flavor just like a beet, but mircos have a more delicate texture and flavor.


In one sandwhich you can add multiple different flavors of microgreens. Just think of the variety of vitamin and minerals you are getting in one meal.
Adding micogreens to our menu when serving guests is our favorite way to impress a crowd. It adds the finishing touches to any dish or makes any salad stand out.


With microgreens being a newer form of eating greens, not many studies have been done on them. What studies have been done, have shown that microgreens offer up to 12x the amount of vitimans and minerals then what is found in the mature plant.  Just imagine how much broccoli you would have to eat to get the same nutrients as a handful of broccoli microgreens!

Microgreens vs. Sprouts

Microgreens are at the growth stage that is in-between a sprout and a baby green. They have the flavor of a baby green, but more delicate like a sprout. Microgreens are like eating the stem and leaves. Sprouts are like eating the seed, and stem. And baby greens are like eating just the leaves. 

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